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Hygiene bags for cleaning dogs
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For dogs, it is important to comply with the regime, which includes sleep, bathing, playing with her, feeding and, perhaps, the most important thing - walking. Every year, the pet's regimen may change, but it is still important. Before building it for your dog, it is better to consult a specialist who will tell you what is best for her. Do not forget that during the walk it is important to maintain the cleanliness of public places. A biodegradable bag will help in cleaning dog feces.

Dog Cleaning Bags - Social Responsibility

Dog bags manufactured by Chernigov Package are biodegradable. The composition contains an eco-supplement that promotes the rapid decomposition of polyethylene (for 1 or 2 years). Subsequently, after it remains organic compounds that do not harm the environment.

Such packages look like regular ones. They are just as durable, easy to use, especially with the paper scoop included. It is a reliable and quick assistant in cleaning dog excrement, it is very compact and easily fits in a pocket or small backpack. At a fairly low price, you get a quality product and thereby maintain a clean environment.

Biodegradable Bag Production Process from Chernigov Package

As part of such a product is a special English additive - d2w. These are salts of certain metals that can cause the decomposition of carbon bonds and accelerate the decomposition of polyethylene and other harmful substances into safe particles. The decomposition itself goes like this:

  1. The oxidation that occurs due to exposure to the sun and water.
  2. The decay of the components of biomaterials, after which the properties of synthetic substances are lost, so the package is brought into a fragile state.
  3. Final decay due to bacteria and organisms. Residues in the form of biological mass, water and gas.

Advantages of ordering dog cleaning bags at Chernigov Package

You can buy biodegradable packages on our company website. We deliver products throughout Ukraine. Our company has been on the market for more than 10 years, and we have thousands of satisfied customers.

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