Organic Starch Packs

The widespread use of plastic bags has led to problems with their processing and negative impact on the environment. As a result of research, specialists developed a biodegradable material from corn and potato starch. Starch bags are gaining in popularity due to their environmental friendliness.

Production and use of starch bags

Gradually, consumers around the world are switching to organic products, possibly abandoning polyethylene and plastic. In countries with high-quality recycling, this problem is practically solved: recycling allows you to reuse plastic bags without harming the environment.

On the crest of the popularization of products of the eco category, starch bags occupy a special place. They are rapidly filling the modern market, being an analogue of packaging made of polyethylene and plastic. Their appearance is no different from the usual containers, but they can decompose in the soil in just a few months.

The production of biopackages from starch is based on modern technology using PLA granules derived from starch. This material decomposes as a result of natural phenomena: air, light and water for a short period.

Compared to traditional plastic products, biodegradable bags are less durable and not suitable for reusable use. After some time, eco-packages begin to break down, so they can not be taken for long-term storage of products.

PLA granules are made from sugars of corn or potato starch. For example, for the manufacture of bioplastics from corn, grains are placed in sulfur dioxide with hot water, resulting in the breakdown of protein, fiber and starch. Citric acid is added to starch to produce long chain polymers for plastic.

In our regions, potatoes are more often used as a material for the manufacture of eco-packages. One packet produces 10 packets.

The decomposition of organic bags takes several months. Since biomaterials are significantly different from polyethylene, they are split in the ground quickly enough.

The main advantages of using organic bags

Organic eco-bags are completely safe and have several advantages.:

  • complete decomposition in the soil during composting;
  • lack of accumulation of static electricity;
  • elasticity and softness;
  • completely environmentally friendly product.

The production technology of bio-packaging from starch allows you to get a soft and elastic structure of products.

Benefits of Organic Starch Bags from Chernigov Package

One of the largest Ukrainian companies, Chernigov Package, is engaged in the production of natural biodegradable products based on additives. Ordering our organic packages provides these benefits:

  • own production facilities, including extrusion equipment;
  • packaging logo service;
  • assisting in designing a layout for packages.

You can buy organically degradable packaging by placing an order on the website. The company has been manufacturing packaging for more than ten years, and more recently, the production of bio-packages. In the production process, certified additives are introduced into the bio-packages by special technology. This is done to accelerate decomposition in natural conditions.

The main office of the company is in Chernihiv, however, orders can be received in Kiev, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine through regional representatives.